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Nature guide to help discover and explain the natural and human contact most meaningful way - respecting it, by making minimal impact on the environment, and helping to contribute to the natural, historic and cultural heritage, promoting the region to discover its nature through the senses, cognition. Plačiau »

In order to develop sustainable tourism in protected areas is necessary to prepare qualified nature guides, which should not only natural science knowledge, but also aware of the history and culture. To acquire practical skills, educational programs, nature and organization of the enforcement powers of communication with different target groups competence. More »

If interested Natural guided activities, if attracted by the authentic experience of speech, there is unwritten, but legends are alive to convey the secrets of the culinary heritage of the disclosure, the touch of the old crafts, time with local people - Dzukijos Nature Tours guide just for you... More »

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jose" finansuojamo pagal Europos ekonominės erdvės ir Norvegijos finansinių mechanizmų subsidijų schemą "Nevyriausybinių organizacijų sektoriaus stiprinimas Lietuvoje".