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Why? Do you remember the last time you saw starry sky, dewy grass prilsilietimu pleasure, through the eyes of the immense distance measurements? When was the last time you were in the garden?

The increasing pace of life is developed in terms of civilization, where so many new technical means, which runs the day looking through the "computer box" isolate us from the insidious nature, particularly those people who almost neištrūksta of the city. Consequently, the world is beginning to understand just from books, television, the Internet. Such understanding and meeting the real nature can be very surprised. According to a famous ethnologist, the world need to feel your body. This is most likely feeling the World ...

Such a sense of their own immediate region, frequent in our still undiscovered, was not recognized, neišvaikščiotas, neapžiūrėtas. Maybe that's why our first meetings with the natural world to help a man who lives there, who loves nature and has never lost touch with her. He pointed out that relations with the necessary knowledge of nature, which starts from the edges of their natural, cultural, historical knowledge, understanding of values. Such an interesting man show, all the sensations of the world involving cognitive processes can be not only an essential prerequisite for the new nature of human communication and rebirth, but also the sustainable development of tourism and public awareness of environmental education. Therefore, it is first necessary to be human - nature and global head of knowledge, nature guide.

What? Nature guides - a bridge between man and nature, whose work improves environmental values that are favorable, combines non-formal education, the environment and recreation. It seeks a better understanding of nature and conservation.

Nature guides objectives - to develop the love for nature through exciting experiences and sensations to promote greater awareness of the edge, and with responsibility for nature and biodiversity conservation. Develop the principles of nature to help understand the localized and global environmental processes (interaction between the natural, cultural and social - economic development) value, environmentally friendly prapaguoti elgeseną, increase environmental awareness.

Nature guided tours are conducted - a comprehensive knowledge of the edge, revealing the natural areas, cultural, historical significance. This is a genuine experience of speech, there is unwritten, but legends are alive to convey the secrets of the culinary heritage of the disclosure, prislietimas of the old crafts, time with local people.

Nature guides the mission - through the senses into knowledge, the knowledge of the formation of values!

Nature guides the vision - to preserve the knowledge of values.

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